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                Products Search: 中文 | English

                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                SG-Si 121 γ-chloropropyltrimethoxysilane 2530-87-2 To open
                SG-Si 122 γ-chloropropyltriethoxysilane 5089-70-3 To open
                SG-Si 123 γ-Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane 18171-19-2 To open
                SG-Si 124 γ-Chloropropylmethyldiethoxysilane N.A. To open
                KH-845-4(SG-Si 1289) Bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide 40372-72-3 To open
                RSi-B(SG-Si 1289CB50) Mixture of bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide with carbon black N.A. To open
                RSi-S Mixture of bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide with silica N.A. To open
                RSi-E Bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide in wax N.A. To open
                SG-Si996(SG-Si 1589)/SG-Si 998 Bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-disulfide 56706-10-6 To open
                SG-Si996-B(SG-Si 1589CB50)/SG-Si 998-B Mixture of bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-disulfide with carbon black N.A. To open
                KH-590(SG-Si 189) γ-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane 4420-74-0 To open
                KH-580(SG-Si 1891) γ-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane 14814-09-6 To open
                KH-550(SG-Si 1100) γ-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane 919-30-2 To open
                KH-540(SG-Si 1110) γ-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane 13822-56-5 To open
                KH-570(SG-Si 174) γ-Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane 2530-85-0 To open
                KH-560(SG-Si 187) γ-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane 2530-83-8 To open
                SG-Si F17 (Heptadecafluoro-1,1,2,2-tetradecyl)trimethoxysilane 83048-65-1 To open
                SG-Si191 1H,1H,2H,2H-Perfluorodecyltrichlorosilane 78560-44-8 To open
                SG-Si 1630 Methyltrimethoxysilane 1185-55-3 To open
                SG-Si 151 Vinyltriethoxysilane 78-08-0 To open
                SG-Si 171 Vinyltrimethoxysilane 2768-02-7 To open
                SG-Si172 Vinyl tris-(2-methoxyethoxy)silane 1067-53-4 To open
                SG-Si 6490 Vinyltrimethoxysiloxane homopolymer 131298-48-1 To open
                SG-Si602(SG-Si 2120) N-beta-(Aminoethyl)-gamma-aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane 3069-29-2 To open
                SG-Si900(SG-Si 1122) N-(amino-ethyl)-amino-propyltrimethoxysilane 1760-24-3 To open
                SG-Si902(SG-Si 2100) γ-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane 3179-76-8 To open
                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                SG-TPT Titanium(IV) isopropoxide (Tetra isopropyl titanate) 546-68-9 To open
                SG-TOT Titanium 2-ethylhexoxide 1070-10-6 To open
                SG-NPT Tetrapropylorthotitanate 3087-37-4 To open
                SG-BTP Poly-n-Butyl-titanate 9022-96-2 To open
                NDZ-101 Isopropyl dioleic(dioctylphosphate) titanate 61417-49-0 To open
                NDZ-102 Isopropyl tri(dioctylphosphate) titanate 65345-34-8 To open
                NDZ-105 Titanium, tris[(9Z)-9-octadecenoato-κo](2-propanolato)-,(T-4)- 136144-62-2 To open
                NDZ-109 Titanium tris (dodecylbenzenesulfonate) isopropoxide 61417-55-8 To open
                NDZ-130 Titanium tristearoylisopropoxide 61417-49-0 To open
                NDZ-131 Titanium tristearoylisopropoxide mixture 61417-49-0 To open
                NDZ-132 Titanium tristearoylisopropoxide mixture 61417-49-0 To open
                NDZ-133 Titanium tristearoylisopropoxide mixture 61417-49-0 To open
                NDZ-201 Isopropyl tri(dioctylpyrophosphate) titanate 67691-13-8 To open
                NDZ-311 Bis(P,P-bis-ethylhexyl diphosphato)ethanediolato titanate 65467-75-6 To open
                NDZ-311W Chelate solution of Bis(P,P-bis-ethylhexyl diphosphato)ethanediolato titanate and triethanolamino N.A. To open
                SG-TnBT Tetra-n-butyl Titanate 5593-70-4 To open
                NDZ-401 Tetraisopropyl di(dioctylphosphate) titanate 65460-52-8 To open
                SG-Ti 575 Bis(acetylactonate) diisopropoxide titanium 17927-72-9 To open
                SG-Ti 595 Bis(acetylactonate) isobutoxide isopropoxide titanium 97281-09-9 To open
                SG-Ti 5105 bis(acetylactonate) ethoxide isopropoxide titanium 445398-76-5 To open
                SG-Ti 501 Triethanolamine Titanate 36673-16-2 To open
                SG-Ti 502 Lactid acid chelated titanate 65104-06-5 To open
                SG-Ti 503 Diisopropoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate 27858-32-8 To open
                SG-Ti 504 Titanium 2,2’,2 15879-01-3 To open
                SG-Ti 506 Diisobutoxy-bis ethylacetoacetato titanate 83877-91-2 To open
                SG-Ti 507 Tetrakis(2-ethylhexane-1,3-diolato) titanium 5575-43-9 To open
                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                SG-Zr 805 Bis-Citric acid diethyl ester n-propanolate zirconium chelate 22830-18-8 To open
                SG-Zr 801 Tetra-n-propyl zirconate 23519-77-9 To open
                SG-Zr 802 Tetrakis(triethanloamino)zirconium(IV) 101033-44-7 To open
                SG-Zr 803 Sodium Zirconium Lactate 15529-67-6 To open
                SG-Zr 804 Zirconium tetra-n-butanolate 1071-76-7 To open
                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                SG-Al 821 Distearoyl isopropoxy aluminate N.A. To open
                SG-R 603 hight temperature condensation products of diphenylamine and acetone 68412-48-6 To open
                SG-R 601 styrenated diphenylamine 68442-68-2 To open
                SG-R 602 Octylated diphenylamine 26603-23-6 To open
                SG-R 604 2,2’-Oxamidobis[Ethyl-3-(3,5-di-t-Butyl-4-Hydroxyphenyl)]Propionate 70331-94-1 To open
                SG-R 330 1,3,5-trimethyl-2,4,6-tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl)benzene 1709-70-2 To open
                SG-R 405 4,4’-bis(α,α’-dimethylbenzyl) diphenylamine 10081-67-1 To open
                SG-R 616 Poly(Dicyclopentadiene-co-p-cresol) 68610-51-5 To open
                SG-R 3100 N,N’-di(o-tolyl)-p-phenylenediamine mixed 68953-84-4 To open
                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                SG-R 701 (ZDMC) Zinc Dimethyldithiocarbamate 137-30-4 To open
                SG-R 702 (ZDEC) Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate 14324-55-1 To open
                SG-R 703 (ZDBC) Zinc di-n-butyldithiocarbamate 136-23-2 To open
                SG-R 704 (ZBEC) Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate 14726-36-4 To open
                SG-R 705 Nickel dibutyl dithiocarbamate 13927-77-0 To open
                SG-R 706 (QDI) p-Benzoquineone dioxime 105-11-3 To open
                SG-R 707 (PDM) N,N’-m-phenylene digmaleemide 3006-93-7 To open
                Product name Chemical name CAS# Application of the Products
                PIROCTONE OLAMINE PIROCTONE OLAMINE 68890-66-4 To open
                Sodium pyrosulfite Sodium pyrosulfite 7681-57-4 To open
                Formaldehyde Formaldehyde 50-00-0 To open
                Series of stabilizing agent for plastic industry Stabilizing agent for plastic industry N.A. Please contact us
                Series of stabilizing agent for rubber industry Stabilizing agent for rubber industry N.A. Please contact us
                Series of water treatment Water treatment N.A. Please contact us
                Series of flame retardants Flame retardants N.A. Please contact us
                Series of adhesive Adhesive N.A. Please contact us
                Series of cable additives Cable additives N.A. Please contact us